Innovation is the breakout point

[@ 10.11.30.] Dr. Zsolt Nyitrai, Minister of State for Infocommunications opened the conference on ‘The breakout points of Hungarian knowledge industry and innovation’ in Parliament on Tuesday where leaders of university innovation centres gave account of and evaluated their activities.

In his speech Zsolt Nyitrai pointed out how information technology is ever present in the background of electron microscopy, state-of-the-art CT equipment, molecular biology research, pharmaceutical research, auto manufacturing, nanotechnology research or smart metering. Today’s economies cannot be successful without crucial IT support.

Nyitrai said he is convinced that the national breakout opportunity and the rebooting of economic development are possible with the support and promotion of high added value, R&D and creative industries.

The Minister of State for Infocommunications said that the Hungarian ICT industry has given the world internationally recognized products and services in the recent past. ‘This proves that Hungarians are innovative, we have many creative minds, therefore I personally think this is one foundation we can build upon’ – said Nyitrai. He also said that one of the key objectives of the state is to significantly improve competitiveness and radically increase the number of jobs.

In his closing words he said ‘I personally believe that Hungarians are prepared to become winners of the 21st century and we must all endorse and support this belief’.