Nyitrai’s New Position: the Prime Minister’s Commissioner

Zsolt Nyitrai continues his work as the prime minister’s commissioner responsible for governmental HR decisions. According to sources, HR decisions regarding ministries and state owned companies will also belong to Mr. Nyitrai.

Commissioner Nyitrai – ranked as minister of state – is assigned to deal with national dialogue within the transforming governmental communication as well as organizing and directing government campaigns.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced at the Parliamentary Faction Meeting in Hajdúszoboszló that Zsolt Nyitrai would work on national dialogue and government HR in the future.

Parallel to his appointment, from today Mr. Nyitrai leaves the position of the Minister of State for Infocommunication at the Ministry of National Development. The position – according to our information- will not be taken; the sector will directly be overseen by the minister, and current Deputy State Secretary Vilmos Vályi-Nagy will participate in controlling the infocommunication sector.

Zsolt Nyitrai worked as the Operative Director of Fidesz between 2006 ad 2010. He coordinated the party’s 2010 campaign and the creation of the central design too.

Minister of National Development Tamás Fellegi has decided to restructure the Ministry of National Development in order to harmonize with governmental restructuring aimed at dealing effectively with the impacts of the economic crisis.

According to the press release issued by the ministry the current six minister of state positions will organize into four: property management, development policy, energy and climate and infrastructure. The ministry’s press release claims that after having successfully completed six EU council formation presidencies, the restructuring will take place based upon the experiences of the first year in government.

(Translated from the article of Magyar Nemzet)