Europe of communities: preparation for the EU presidency

[@ 10.09.18.] Zsolt Nyitrai Minister of State for Infocommunications delivered the welcome speech at the EPP Group’s European Ideas Network Meeting in Budapest. Afterwards he continued bilateral talks aiming a successful EU presidency.

The European Ideas Network is a pan-European think-tank established by the EPP; the network brings together centre-right politicians, businessmen, academics, think-tanks, journalists, policy advisers and outside experts to discuss some of the major issues facing Europe today.

In his welcome speech the Minister of State said the Europe of communities and the European identity could easily be created and reinforced with the help of modern-day telecommunications devices: “Being a civic politician I believe that the Europe of communities will be able to create the cohesion between the citizens of the Union and the modern tools will efficiently serve the formation of a stable, long-term European identity. If the Digital Agenda shall bring us closer to this goal – and I personally hope that it will fulfill its objective – we have not acted in vain and will contribute to many millions of European citizens, thus making Europe a better place to live”.

After his welcome speech Zsolt Nyitrai held bilateral talks with Ms. Pilar del Castillo Vera and Mr. Malcolm Harbour about the national implementation of EU telecommunications recommendations and the preparation for Hungary’s forthcoming EU Presidency in 2011.

The meeting marks an important step in the preparations for Hungary’s EU presidency, underlined by the participation of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament.